Friday, August 25, 2006

Bomb the Serra?

Has anyone heard about this? Can you explain it? We don't understand.

Invisible Graffiti: Magnet Show
Aug. 27 Sun. 7-11 am

We are proud to showcase the work of 17 intrepid artists who have responded to a call for magnetic art and invisible graffiti. Invisible Graffiti is a secretive act in public space. It is an act of resistance against the architecture of behavioral and spatial control. Its possibility rests on mimicry and invisibility, copying both the style and strategy of its adversary.

On the Bronx waterfront at Port Morris is a rigging company and in the lot is a Richard Serra Torqued Ellipse. There are many others like it, in museums, and collections all over the world, but this one is in hiding, waiting. This large-scale sculpture has enclosed a space of possibility. Sculpture is a found site. The Invisible Graffiti Magnet Show will be installed on the Ellipse.

If questioned, maintain that you do not know who is in charge. Criminals are people who get caught.

Driving Directions
Take 278 over the Triborough Bridge. Take Bruckner Expressway/ 128 E Exit 47 toward New Haven. Take Bruckner Blvd exit toward 138th. Stay straight on Bruckner Blvd. Left on 138 St. Right on Walnut. Left on 134 St. Park your car a few blocks from where 134th dead-ends at a fence.
Subway + Walking Directions
Take Bronx 6 Train to Cypress Ave and 138th St
Walk on 3 Blocks on 138 St, passing Jackson Ave, the Bruckner overpass and Willow Ave. Take a Right on Walnut. Take a Left on 134 St, after Locust Ave, 134 Street turns into a parking lot. There is a storage building on your left, walk quietly toward the left hand corner of the fence.

THEN: When you get to the fence at the end of 134th you will see the sculpture to your left just past a low fence. Use the wood block, climb over the fence and walk inside the Torqued Ellipse.
Precautions: Make sure we have your cell phone number before August 27. We will text message you if there are any changes in the plan.
Please be careful and keep a low profile while walking to the site.

What's to explain? Get your Krylon and GO!
No way: too reverent about Serra!
Yeah I know . . . the sancity of art and all that. Duchamp would have gone though, perhaps that's worth a thought.
True! I should get a bracelet that says "W.W.D.D.?"
and perhaps you know in Marfa they have bumper stickers that read W.W.D.J.D.

(He certainly wouldn't bomb Serra, but Duchamp might! Don't you love contemporary art!)
the show did not damage the sculpture - all the work was magnetic! please see the link for images
Thanks, anon! The photos look great and the show was an awesome idea.
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