Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Whitney Loves a Goth

We can't measure the breadth of Warhol's megavalent insemination. We also wonder why it coincides so much with the Whitney. All three artists on that magazine cover have been prominently featured at the museum: Dash Snow and Dan Colen at the last Biennial and Ryan McGinley in his 2003 Whitney Show. And as the Terrence Koh shoh opens Thursday night, we recall how Banks Violette filled the same space about a year ago. And BV curated TK into his recent show at Bortolami Dayan, the cherry picker of Chelsea. And BV was in the 2004 Biennial before that, and was in that big Gladstone show 2 summers ago, "Bridge Freezes Before Road," which also featured Dan Colen.

So does the Whitney just love a goth? Sue De Beer at Altria? Liz Craft in the 2004 Biennial? Seems that if you want a show at the Biennial, listen to Bauhaus often. Who will be the next young artist featured in the lobby space? a)Gardar Eide Einarsson b) either of the Liden girls c) Dan Colen (not goth but goth by association) (but it won't be him because he is foremost a painter and the last two Biennials suggested that Biennials restrict painting) d) Aaron Young (also not goth but clad in black)

Or does the Whitney just love the Lower East Side? Would a studio on Ludlow increase your success?

So speaking of LES and of Warhol's children: Terrence Koh's 4-story loft on Canal St is painted pristine white everywhere, with ultraminimalist design. Rumors say that he resisted even having kitchen appliances, which would corrupt the virginal white space. It's vacuum-like, similar to the interiors in "2001: A Space Odyssey." The basement is all black enamel, however, like an S-M dungeon (with a refrigerator). It's disorienting, like the first 20 minutes of "Irreversible." Casa Koh has abundant gallery space, studio space, and office space, and also two bathrooms. Terrence and his talented partner, Garrick co-hosted (koh-hosted?) a bash this week complete with 60 fresh lobsters, endless bottles of Moet, and other favors as the night continued. Despite the heavy-hitting art-world attendance roster, the vibe was mellow, most revelers reclining or squatting cross-legged on the white floor, sharing cigarettes, aglow from the glowing neon cock on the wall. We wondered about this generous hospitality: after posting his income on his blog and after seeing his earnings announced in New York magazine, was this Koh's way of sharing the wealth? Earnestly greeting each visitor, Koh seemed sincere. Or more like tree-whacking to stir up some action?

So this must be the emergence of our generation's Factory. Pristine white instead of foil? Vitrines filled with modified readymade knickknacks instead of Brillo boxes? A flamboyant but polite but naughty Asian instead of a soft-spoken but manipulative but vulnerable Pole? Skinny white boys aged 17 covered in white powder instead of Joe Dallesandro or Jed Johnson? Who will be Koh's Velvet Underground? Both Koh and Warhol told white lies to the media, both produced publications (thoh Koh's are artist's books and not a big magazine), and Koh even indicates an interest in producing films (or at least porn films). Of all the supposed "Children," Koh seems the most legitimate.

Who's going to shoot him then? Or will the only killing be Koh's growing scene, squashed dead by such speculation and mainstream press attention?

Maybe think about it while waiting to get into Deitch Wooster tomorrow for Koh's "Winter White" performance.

File under fashion, not art.
whos gonna kill him? a crazy asian feminist? how bout sean lennon?

I ask my kids all these weird questions, and they hate me for it. last night I was giving one of them a driving lesson so I had them both trapped in the car. I asked them which celebrity did they think was hot. My son said Lohan and my daughter said Pharell. Wouldn't Lohan & Pharell make a nice couple? My kids have such good taste.
Many thanks for the help in this question, now I will know.
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