Monday, February 27, 2006

Snowmen in Dogpiles

David Humphrey: painter/sculptor of cute cuddlies and couples, animals and Ike, arrangeur of afterparties. At Triple Candide - er, Candie - he stacks, aligns, and configures the snowmen into sexually-suggestive set-ups, a send-up of sports huddles, dance circles, and hot-tub hijinx.

We aren't sure how DH obtained the manufactured snowmen, but we like how he customized them. On some, he splattered paint in messy gestures, and on others painted pairs of eyes. The eyes appear especially on the hands and around the carrot noses. Is he hinting at autoeroticism by animating the hands? Also, many of the snowmen are upside-down - inverted - so the carrots appear where genitals might. It looks like snowmen with orange hard-ons, possibly sixty-nining each other. The dogpile along the wall could also be an orgy.

Male athletes embrace, slap asses, etc in a communal display of fraternity. The homoeroticism of this practice is obvious and Humpey - er, Humphrey - toys with it through his snowmen. Just like rugby players end a game with a communal keg; snowmen end a Christmas season with a swinging afterparty.

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