Sunday, April 23, 2006


Absinthe is justifiably illegal. The TD crew was turned upside-down by two glasses of the green mean.

Play-by-play of the fallout:

7p: Finished drinking. Apparently, TD dined at Giovanni's pizza, but can't remember.

7:15p: Couple at next table snapped at TD for being annoying. TD apologized, possibly cried.

8p: TD staggered to Envoy for the Amanda Lear party, an hour late for 7-pm meeting with a friend. Inside, we bellowed, slurred, and chortled our way through conversations, eventually staggering back out.

8:30-9:30p: Unaccounted for. Possibilities include a) running laps around 23rd St, b) sleeping in a nearby elevator, c) dipping feet in Hudson River, d) loitering on 14th St in search of transsexual hookers.

9:30p: Arrived 90 minutes early for nearby housewarming party, pounded on door, encouraged to return later.

10p: Reunited with friends at Passerby, got kicked out.

10:08p: Lost.

10:30p: Reunited at Gansevoort Hotel bar. Kicked out.

10:45p: Attempted Townhouse bar. Kicked out.

11p: Attempted rearrival with friends at nearby housewarming party. Kicked out.

11:30p: Successful attempt to occupy bar at Bette restaurant. Risked months of awkwardness by making out with friends.

12:15a: Ran home in the rain, fell asleep.

11a: Woke up, puked, went back to bed.

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