Thursday, May 11, 2006

Congratulations, graduate

The TD crew occupied seats at Radio City Music Hall yesterday for the graduation ceremony.

The President's speech criticized the Brooklyn Parks Department for closing and censoring Brooklyn College's MFA thesis show and confiscating, damaging, and losing student artwork. He also condemned Brooklyn College for submitting and not defending its students. We silently thanked him for mentioning the students' blog and reminding the audience members of the threat of philistinism in powerful places.

We had an hour to kill after the ceremony and visited the Biennial for the second time. Awesome cartoonists Matt Madden and Jessica Abel were there, checking it out. The TD crew dug Matthew Monahan's sculptures, Robert Gober's photos, Mark Bradford's epic collages, Urs Fischer's macabre candles, Paul Chan's tragic projection, and Jutta Koether's liquid glass paintings. After our next visit, we'll try to post something more substantial about the Biennial.

Yeah, so graduation. All done with our grad program. How is it that we are still such simpletons?

Congrats TD it was nice to meet your sister too.
Hey sorry to hear about the show move and all that sh**. In a weird way though it's the perfect introduction to post college art life, the frenzy, the brutality and in retrospect the fun.

Good Luck, see you "out there"
Thanks, Lane. I didn't attend Brook. Clg but some friends did, and they will appreciate your thoughts. Good luck with your awesome work.

Thanks, Painter. It was fun to see you - and your sister, too! Your blog has been rockin'.
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