Friday, July 07, 2006

Missing Dung

At the opening of "Into Me/Out of Me" at PS1, we got a hearty laugh out of Tom Friedman's "Untitled," a sculpture consisting of a flea-sized piece of poop atop a pedestal. Nearby was Manzoni's can of shit, and surrounding were John Miller's phallic stool, a Warhol piss piece, and other excrement-engaged art.

We returned last weekend to review the show, and noticed that the dung disappeared, the feces fled. Pedestula rasa.

We thought about a show we read about, in which Brancusi's pedestals were the focus.

A security guard shrugged when we told her about the shuffled shit, and then walked away. The receptionists were more receptive, and one joked that now it was Friedman's "Curse" piece.

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