Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Freeing the Line

We’ve been on vacation and away from our computers, so it’s a real treat to blog a new entry. Yesterday, we finally caught the Dada show – Paris and Cologne – saving Berlin, Zurich, and Hannover for Wednesday. We also caught Douglas Gordon’s videos, and reminisced about the day we saw his “Real Time” video, with the elephants, at Gagosian. This was our first Chelsea experience. We were stumped.

After MoMA, we dodged tourists on Fifth Ave, heading up to Marian Goodman, where the promise of Richard Tuttle and Eva Hesse beckoned us in "Freeing the Line," curated by Catherine De Zegher - who else? (Neither of them blew us away here, after seeing the great EH shows at Jewish Museum and Drawing Center.) Precedents to this show seem to be Richard Tuttle and Niels Bohr.

But Ranjani Shettar’s “Vasanta” was a real treat: a color field drawing in space, a matrix that twists into a vortex, its integral wax beads slowly shifting in their airy web from blue to yellow. A sign warned us not to enter the sculpture, but we did, anyway. Just for a second.

We also dug Joelle Turlinckx “Volume of Air” sculptures, variations on a cube-shaped frame supporting wood shafts, plastic strips and other thin, light materials. The sculptures incorporate pedestal, sculpture, and content into one simple assemblage. Reminded us of B. Wurtz, showing at Feature Gallery this month. To sculpt air also reminded us Duchamp’s “50 cc of Paris Air” in the Dada show.

Finally, 8.6 km, about 4.5 miles, of masking tape, black and white were enough for Monika Gryzamala’s awesome installation, stretching across a window, along the wall, choppily transforming from white to black, and then forking simultaneously around the wall and also around a support column.

Inspired, we used tape today to conceal the seams between our new air conditioner and the walls around it.

Great Blog.. glad to know someone else is roaming the street of NYC, and laughing at all these lost tourists..

Alas.. reminiscing about past Gordon work was the nicest thoughts I had about his current MOMA show!
Thanks, mike. We are trying to add your excellent blog to our links list, but having trouble. Alas, we are persistent...
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