Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Catching up

The TD crew has been grossly neglectful of its nest on blogspot. This is mainly due to an overamped work schedule and subsequently much-needed weekend r&r. But no excuses. To catch up:

*If you haven't seen The Everyothers play a live show, and you like rock, then check them out! Kill Rock Stars label. They offer a tight, lean/mean, and gleeful show. It's kind of like The Strokes, but without the shrug, and with much more glam and blues fuel. Fun.

*Check out Chris Martin's sublime abstractions at SVA: 209 East 23rd St. Tom Huhn, PhD curated the show, which also includes Gary Stephan, Richmond Burton, David Humphrey, Matthias Ludwig, Jeff Gaunt, and Amy Wilson. We wish we could buy a Chris Martin for our ceiling, and look at it every night after climbing into bed.

*If you're shopping for drafting tables, check out Nationwide Drafting. The 60-inch Alvin Workmaster we bought was $40 cheaper than at Utrecht. Both offer free shipping, unlike Blick Materials, whose prices lead you to believe the savings are great, but they aren't, because shipping costs a fortune.

Peace out!

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