Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Catskill Aktion

Frank Haines and Lisa Kirk pulled it off this weekend, with Frank's Autumnal Equinox performance. Frank converted a country side barn in the Catskills into a veritable performative space, building walls and sculptural accoutrement to support his ceremonial, ritual spectacle. Candles, a skull, a memento mori from his grandfather, fog, banners, light boxes, and a corncob-topped staff were among the objects created/used. Frank also recorded original, electronic music for his chants and dances - one passage sounded like "Neon Lights" by Kraftwerk - and Frank's dances included running-in-place and a spastic version of the Robot: kind of like embracing control and release, rigid and free, tight and loose, at the same time. The performance concluded with a chant and gesticulation that appeared to be a blessing, and then several minutes of silence.

Later, a collaborative dinner, rotating DJs, rocking dance floor (literally), and continuous bonfire kept the equinox revelers up all night. Travelers from NYC, LA, Chicago, and Providence - including artists Peter Coffin, Robert Melee, Justin Lowe, Rose Kallal, Rachel Mason, Bengala, Mark Golamco, Michael Bauer, Naomi Fisher, Jim Drain, Keegan McHargue, Takeshi Murata, and others - bunked in tents, cars, and crammed beds. The rain generously, miraculously held off until Sunday afternoon. (We remember Frank invoking Isis, so maybe she had something to do with it.)

The mountain Nature scenario, pulled open a barn door,
red smoke, kraftwork sounds, danced to by battlestar galatic mime, the kids thought the dance was ripping,
they could control themselves. The rirual successfully brought in a new era, or the beginning of the end of an old one....
Olympic torch flaming, we burn so sweet
The thrill of victory, the agony, defeat
We crush slow, flamin deluxe slow
For, judgment day cometh, conquer, it's war
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