Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Elbow no!

Steve Wynn KOs Picasso.

See yesterday's post, which turns out to be more timely than we imagined.

Its just a fascinating concept if you look at the symbols and start to compare. Fascinating. I gave a serious performance of er at 36 and 7th macys one night that reminds me of this.the only copy of the paper that i am missing is the one with the heart, mom threw it out.
I thought that dang thing was talking to me when it said like artists are digging deep, blah blah but then again i walked intoa store one night and thought the radio was talking to me too! a baby skunk died on my lawn and i saw it on friday. my imagination runs wild with the slightest words. visits from san salvador, sandiego, cali a bunch. its like what emerson says about how things have energy.I used to imagine my purpose was to be somewhere and do absolutely nothing at all. when i return to thinking of that painting its scary
its a color wheel, right? so interesting, lol
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