Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sea and Seams

Jennifer Steinkamp and Barnaby Furnas. Can you believe that these two shows simultaneously coexisted in Chelsea? Sweeping swells + spectacular scale = Sublime. Don't take our word for it; look here!

Jennifer Steinkamp's LCD projections are innovative, but embrace art historical concerns. Take the ubiquitous garment study, for example. Her tumbling handerkerchiefs twist, roll, and fold in a straight line from ceiling to floor over quasi-bodily shapes, thereby mapping those shapes, twinkling in the light of the projection. Steinkamp shares our vulnerability to some paintings from the 16th-19th century, which get us hot from just the deftly-rendered drapery contained in their rectangular borders!

Loved Steinkamps cascading fabric, Furnas, bold painting, but scary/slasher-ery.
Steinkamp's 3d skillz with Maya amount to a painted readymade. thats cool, but Im not impressed. The reference to art history is a thin conceit. Still, video projectors are inherently cool.
How are they "painted readymade?" Why readymade? They seem more Op Art than Readymade.
check this out
The show looks like someone showing their progress learning Maya to raise money and work towards a more ambitious project.

The trees she did before were pretty simple to make.
The trees are pre-set and it would take less than a half hour to tweak them after three months to learn the program. Or you could hire someone to do it for you. It is just CG afterall - no human hand.

SO I judge this more as a conceptual piece.
Yeah, Im an officer of the art police.

Does the concept sustain the fleece?
Oh, so the "readymade" component here - instead of a urinal or bike wheel - is the coding for making the tablecloth. JS just had to modify the coding to produce the results.

If we took an existing painting, and painted in some butterflies or moustaches, then that would be like a painted readymade, because part of the product is prepared or pre-prepared.

But if we use pre-mixed paint and pre-stretched canvas, that's kinda the same thing, at least in form, if not degree.
That must be why jasper johns always used those stencil letters, because they were readymade.
officer mczip on patrol. YESSIR!
Actually it reminded me of AKira Kurosawa - the Dreams movie where there are cherry blossoms and stuff - or many a movie with flowing banners, laundry or wind socks.

I think if you ignore the academic twaddle and appreciate it experientially (like people do) then its fine.

I prefer first person shooters myself.
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