Sunday, December 03, 2006

Britney In Dialogue

Britney Spears, in an unprecedented, Nauman-esque application of her own body as art object, recently and heroically thrust herself into a history-spanning dialogue about nudity, vulnerability, and physiological processes. Does her beaver shot provocatively essentialize and reduce the female body to a single organ? Or is this seeming reduction actually an editing process to focus a celebration on localized anatomy, and via vaginal apotheosis, an elevation of womanhood?

Courbet surpassed his predecessors in frankly and bluntly presenting in a fine art context the distinctly female vagina. Others have followed: Magritte, Valie Export, Carolee Schneeman, John Currin, and countless others. However, Britney surpasses all, in a staggering, simultaneous projection of self coupled with appearance of disinterest; the latter functioning in a successful attempt to deny narcissisisism.

Moreover, Britney offers a new dimension of Rosalind Krauss' famous "expanded field." Eschewing an expansion of the object to architectural space, Britney expands to popular media, filling blogs and publications with her performance. But beyond this formal innovation, Britney also makes an existential proposal and contribution to identity art. "All the world's a stage," she surely thinks as she pushes the performative space into the shared public. We are always performing!

This is all, no doubt, a series of conceptual strategies, and not accidental or a case of overindulgence. Britney is underrecognized and it's time to reevaluate her outpuss - er, output.

Rome is done for. I heard it was the lead in the aqueducts or the wine sweetened in lead pans.

I care. I do.
this is very thought provoking. and calls into question the relavance of contemporary art. I guess the relavance of art, and art education, is that it has taught you to see the world and talk about it in these terms.

But as to the power of a Currin, Prince of Yuskavitchcihet, ths image of Brittney, with Paris looming in the background (?) certainly rivals anything produced by those artists.

This image seems somehow related to your project. And you are obviously interested in it. Perhaps this is your first "appropriation" work. For as boring as I find much of that kind of 12th generation conceptualism there is genuine power in the existence of an object that is also a piece of fact, rather than a work of fiction.
This is great TD.
Have you ever read Chuck Klosterman's interview with Spears? It is really good.
That's interesting, Lane. Hopefully, the art education hasn't resulted in "overeducation" or "imbalanced" education. You know? Like, maybe it's enough to say, "Eww, that's trashy" or even, "I'll drink to that" and then get back to our commodities broker job.

You are right about the genuine power of the photo, as the image (as piece of fact) renders art (as artifice) impotent. Plus, staging the event proves logistical accomplishment between the publicist, photographer, and tabloids. Impressive! -Not to mention the resulting popular mass appeal - more people know about this than they do "Spiritual America," which I guess would be our model.

For the appropriation, the best choice seems to be blowing up the image to at least 72" wide and mounting it on plexiglas. Spectacle. Or maybe we can project it onto the side of MoMA.
For some reason, if it were an anonymous photo, it would be more of an impact. Nice spin on this..event though.
I used to player hate Courtney Love for her cheap romanticist theatrics, but now she seems classy and almost stoic.
Maybe, Mark. But as a former sex icon, and now as a famous mother, almost as big as the The Madonna and Madonna, Britney's vagina is pretty loaded (and shaven).
True, zip. Anyway, Courtney Love is getting too old for that kind of thing.
RE: Semiotics

WASHINGTON - A suburban judge has ruled that mooning is a cheeky yet
legitimate form of communication — but then, Chaucer and Mel Gibson taught
us that long ago.
You missed the real pop pussy queen - Paris H, my coworker was in a VIP room in a Vegas bar when they were chillin in there together - by the end of the night B.S was pantless she is learning from the Master. Intent of the Artist is everything so a few of these ladys don't work for me any more then i would honor a brooke shields baby beaver untill price came along.
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