Friday, December 01, 2006

Factory Grrr

Gay Pearce plays a good guy, as in "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert," but he is a lousy Warhol. Way too dashing and angular, and too forward in manner. Warhol was more into mumbling and awkward gestures, with a pinkish, bulbous nose and bad skin. We know, we've seen footage and we prefer him for all those traits.

Bowie did it better.

Factory Girl Trailer

if i watched this movie i'd have to be very high or i'd blow my head off. Siena MIller did an ok job at siena though. isnt fkin mary olsen in this shit?holla!
Yeah, but you'd have to do diet pills, to get the right context.
Bowie's fame over road the part.

Jared Harris was a little better because you didn't see him as BOWIE.

But the best really was Jeff Koons reading the diaries in Don
Rosenfeld's documentary.
he looks like cyclops from the x-man movie.
extravigant despair is for romantic modernists. The postmodern artist eschews such embarassing displays and focuses instead on pathological narcissism like a starving mendicant.

Pills will do.
the hell with warhol, I want the tom Otterness story.
Speaking of pathological narcissism, have you seen the news? See next post.
Oh, and the Otterness is in preproduction. Jessica Alba stars.
Oh my god, Zip has arrived!

And in fine style, the Otterness story indeed! "From The Times Square Show to Battery Park: a Saga of Brass Knobs."
i love bowie, but his portrayal of andy was horrible. jared harris was very good. made andy a person--which he was
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