Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth Peyton

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth Peyton! You are 41. But you still look great!

You are in the contemporary canon and no struggling artist's complaints about your skills (anyway, it's a deskilled age), scope of subjects (anyway, focused is as good as eclectic), and Hamptons-hopping (anyway, "the studio" is dead) will nudge you from the top tiers of stardom. We know that the fashion magazines spin you as more a dreamer than thinker - much like us - but we also know that your brand of shoegazer pop was culturally relevant in the late 1990s context of art meeting fashion, the cult of celebrity-worship and fabulosity, and in the context of youth-fetishizing art.

We met you once at a gallery and you were nice. Happy birthday!

nice examples of her good work thanks. Fuck everybody that complains and whines about how she sucks these here look good. Nothin better in this world than a desert eagle. THAT SHIT IS DIESEL
"but" you still look great ?At the ancient age of 41!imagine.Actually a lot of women look great at even more geriatric stages of life than 41-amazing but true.
or are you kidding,cuz i think she looks like shes got a mouth full of sourpatch kids
Triple Diesel prefers their women on the verge of menopause with slight crow's feet, with dirty mouths, raspy voices, and bony fingers clutching a single-malt.
please! 41 IS SO young...RETRACT!
Didn't Rauschenburg and the "Painter's Painting" crowd only start to get shows at like around 41-45 years old?
Don't worry! The TD crew loves quadragenarians; see previous comment. Triple Diesel were just crackin' wise...
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