Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pass this On

The Knife

Simmering hot

This song was on the Deep Cuts album, which actually came out about two years ago. However, on our last three nights out, DJs have dropped the tune to stir up the dance floor into a simmering hottitude. It's like the anti-crunk, inspiring a slow groove, similar to what's seen in the steamy video, which reminds us of Jean Genet and maybe Hedwig.

We're also posting the clever live version.

hedwig is SO funny. he is so well read jon cameron mitchel, thats the key
so thats where hung up came from
calagon and j lo and madonna
who copies who?
genet, like the shaved heads?
all the "figures moving through space" barney, eesh.
Genet, like the drag queen as alpha male. And shaved heads, too.
other: barney is about the body moving through space, not the figure moving through space...eesh.
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