Thursday, February 22, 2007

20 years ago

Twenty years ago today, Andy Warhol died. God, it makes us crazy to wonder what he would have done with 20 more years. A new body of work? A clothing line? Likely. Web magazine? Surely. Reality TV? Of course. Blog?

Or was he already too decadent to foster any creative drive? Maybe he would have just churned out society portraits till everyone got tired of it. Warhol, the famous, artist-turned socialite. A boulevardier posing for tabloids and gawker, clutching a puppy and surrounded by wide-eyed boys. But the wrinkles and decrepit hobble would be so unglamorous - he couldn't pull off the "weathered" look like Clint Eastwood. Of course, he'd get work done - as he did for his nose.

What about AIDs? Would he have continued to steer clear?

Would he be as famous alive as he is dead? No way. At any time, t, in the world, w, a Warhol exhibition is happening: t(w) = warhol is everywhere

What would he have said about:

Kurt Cobain
The Strokes
Damien Hirst
Cecily Brown
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Monica Lewinsky
Rodney King
Forrest Gump
Princess Di
Lost in Translation
Red Bull
Rudy Giuliani
Deitch Projects
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen
Dash Snow
Jason Rhoades

Wow that's an amazing fact TD. Thanks for pointing it out. I remember Kara Walker in print discussing her memory of Warhol's death, she dressed up or something the next day at school.

Strangely I was writing a paper in my freshman writing seminar about "art criticism" (such as was available to me in Salt Lake City ?!) and much of the paper involved Andy Warhol.

I took it to class that night and naturally the instructor remarked on it.

It was just one of those wierd things.
I saw his death anouncement on the Post/News at a local store while in high school.
In college I though the most interesting idea of the factory was the work ethic. He was decadent for sure but that could never impede his insistance on producing.
Gee, 20 years isn't that long is it?
You Tube !!! what would he have said about that! Look at all the "screen tests". We are all famous to 15 people.

What do you think of Zwinners All Crumb "back room" at the Armory?
Heres what he would have said:
9/11 - real estate
Kurt Cobain - icon
The Strokes - tight pants always chic
Ecstasy - dont touch me
Bjork - ha ha
Damien Hirst - i did that already
Cecily Brown - nice
Hedwig and the Angry Inch - lovely
Monica Lewinsky - ugh
Rodney King - ugh
Forrest Gump - ugh
Crash - love james spader (thats the only crash worht talking about)
Princess Di - love her
Lost in Translation - fish
Red Bull - and champagne
Rudy Giuliani no
MySpace - fabulous
Deitch Projects - want to show me
Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen - eeesh
Dash Snow - ok one picture only
Jason Rhoades - diet
wrong "Crash"
Matt Dillon race relations in America
not the James Spader one about car accidents and sex.
i misunderstood on purpose, thanks

like me, andy liked james spader and matt dillon and sex in wierd places
nwm: the backroom at Zwirner's megaplex was a much-needed shrine to comic relief. Anytime a booth "features" an artist in that way, it lets us look more closely and reduces overstimulation. It was fun to hear collectors discuss the Crumb drawings: "And he was also featured in a movie about his family..." "...used to publish underground comic books..." Like, duh! By the way, the Gordon M-C photos next to it were selling for 75 and 85K.
closeuup: Nice! You nailed it.

We got served!
lane, that's an interesting point you raise about kara walker and warhol: artists can have seemingly disparate practices and still feel a kindred spirit.
zip, these were the fastest last 20 years we've ever experienced. The 20 years before that weren't faster, but maybe noisier.
He would have hung out with Dash Snow and Ryan McGinley. He would have worked on a show with Ryan McGinness. He would have completed a series on the WTC after 9/11. He would have sold that 50 million dollar house in Montauk. Oh, and during the early nineties he would have certainly become close with Michael Alig and Richie Rich...only to drop them when Angel floated to the surface.

He would have slowed down re: the society portraits but made the exception for Princess Diana.

I think Clint Eastwood looks like a corpse. Andy always looked like a he still would have, and inturn he would have looked fantastic.
Andy Warhol was never really that great. He's D-E-D dead, get over yourselves.
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