Saturday, February 10, 2007

Everything We Needed to Know...

We learned this week:

1. Drawing on acetate sucks. Nothing sticks to it and it might even be an allergen. Mylar, on the other hand, is sweet. Polypropylene promises added excitement.

2. If a curator wants to visit, invite him immediately, even if you don't know what he's done before and even if you are really busy working on other stuff. He might want to put you in a show he's co-curating for the Armory Show, potentially granting you unprecedented exposure and allowing you to show next to artists you really admire, like Richard Aldrich and Laleh Khorramian. If you keep him waiting, he'll forget about you and move on, and you'll be profoundly dismayed for several days.

3. Sometimes rationalization works: "Yeah, but actually it's better not to be in that show, you might disappear in the chaos," or "Remember there's next year." Sometimes it doesn't.

4. Terrence Koh's new assistant seems to be Kadar Brock. Kadar Brock was formerly the director of Rare Gallery, has showed paintings at Buia Gallery, and gotten the short end of Charlie Finch's stick and ink from Roberta Smith. Do you know him? Interesting how many lives one can have in the art world.

5. David Zwirner now represents R. Crumb. Maybe Crumb is like our Rousseau? Except more like a cultural critic? We hope he'll make a market for Los Bros Hernandez, too.

wow Charlie Finch is tough, that hurt.
tough but fair.
you can use Flashe to paint on acetate- it sticks pretty well
Whoa. I had no idea about R. Crumb and Zwirner...very interesting..thanks!
hughes called crumb our "peter breughel", which is a long stretch.....
Imagining Kadar assist Terrence is fascinating
How about Daumier? Is Crumb our Daumier? But Tim Davis said Nicole Eisenman is our Daumier; guess they'll have to fight it out.

-Triple Diesel (sorry, now we can't figure out this google/blogger shit and log in to our own comments box)
frosted mylar is heaven
and Penny Candy's pretty great too.
duuuh...Penny century. Sorry its the day. 40 minutes and Im going home to my chocolate.
Mark Creegan, thanks for the tip. We'll try it out. Utrecht doesn't carry flashe, by the way.
Penny Century is great, seems like a great person to have in the family.

Re: Love and Rockets: we took turns falling in love with each of the characters, forming every possible love triangle and quadrilateral.
few things:
Charlie's not that tough, if nothing him shitting on you is the best sort of flattery; not to mention both the company in that article (shows at reich, feur, etc.)... and the historical context of being the "worst of the worst" hA!

more importantly, I still show at BUIA. Had work up last month, and will be doing another solo next season.

Why's it fascinating to imagine me assisting Terence? Just curious...

Yup lots of people to meet in this crazy art world... and soon maybe some of them will be working for me ;-)
kadrad, thanks for tuning in. Someone said something similar about Hilton Kramer in a recent Time Out NY feature on critics. Is Charlie Finch the next Hilton Kramer? Also, we wonder what you made of Roberta Smith's review. Anyway, way to roll with the punches.
thought roberta's review was pretty flattering to be honest; i mean first of all, she's roberta smith... so anything is going to make me feel proud... and i got that review the day before my birthday... but all said, the only real criticism i found was that she didn't like my titling strategy... which is expected. they can be long winded. annoying, and obtuse. but it's a stance and an attitude, and I don't mind that. she compared me with a lot of fabulous famous painters, and called my paintings energetic and all sorts of other wonderful adjectives...
how'd you know I work for terence? and also, how surprising is it to have so many hats to wear in this art world?
everyone has to make their way...
it's also flattering that you know me... or at least of me and my geneology...
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