Monday, February 12, 2007

Green grass

The TD posse recommends the following event to all emerging, struggling, starving, dedicated artists who want to sound off on ways to make the grass greener. Come tell the Rema Hort Mann Foundation how it can expand its services to artists.

Conversation w/Artists: New Directions and Programs
The Rema Hort Mann Foundation

Tuesday, February 13, 6 - 8 pm
Moti Hasson Gallery
535 West 25th Street

Open to all visual artists.
Please arrive promptly since we expect to use the entire two hours.

Did anyone attend? How is the Hort clan?
why am i hearing all about moti hasson lately? why is this the new pet gallery all of a sudden? can someone connect the dots?
We attended and must note mixed reviews. Most artists attending were earnest in making suggestions, although it seems that what everyone wants reduces down to two things: space and money. And that actually reduces down to money, because space costs money. (Ignoring how money occupies space)

Clifford Owens was hostile to the meeting, and railed against "the institution" (the philanthropic Rem a Hort Mann Foundation), criticizing it for trying to tell artists what is in their best interest, and criticizing the artists present for being "mediated" by an institution.

We are all for mediation, although Clifford Owens had a show at P.S.1 and did the Studio Museum thing - both are institutions that mediated his performance work.
i attended in spirit, but felt the vibes might interfere with my mojo.
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