Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Auction Action II

The TD crew was in full force at last night's SVA Auction (read previous blog entry), as were many prominent artists: Elizabeth Peyton, Mary Heilmann, Spencer Sweeney, Jonathan Horowitz, TJ Wilcox, Tim Rollins, John Arsenault, Robert Melee, Lisa Kirk, and many more. Dealers, too! Andrew Kreps crept, looking closely at works in the silent auction. Jeanne Greenberg coached a collector bidding on a Sue Williams drawing in the "elite art" live auction; this collector bowed out at $7000. Elizabeth Peyton's watercolor portrait of Pete Doherty stirred a bidding battle between telephone bidders, but ultimately sold for $42,000 to a mysterious dark-haired man. The auction followed a ceremony honoring Elizabeth Peyton the distinguished alumni award, and Mary Heilmann and James Moffatt another distinction.

But don't take our word for it! ArtInfo has the scoop~

TD crew headed up to MoMA for a party, and then to a drag queen performance at Barracuda, which was boring, which was convenient, because it was time for bed!

Oh, and it turns out that Elizabeth Peyton bought the Heilmann. She paid $14,000.
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