Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rules for Artists

Other blogs and reviews have joked, groaned, and seethed about the Art Review "Power 100" list. Artists, women, and woman artists are underrepresented, for example. "ArtReview's annual "Power 100 List" and Art + Auction's "Power Issue," both considered art world jokes since they first appeared in 2001 and 1996, respectively. Recently each came out with a list; both were based on money and as self-interested as ever," said Jerry Saltz in 2005. "It would be a hoot if it weren't so craven."

The TD crew understands how "the market" can be an arbiter, more so than critics, even. However, we firmly believe that artists are the primary movers, and no artist will even enter the market without the approval of other artists. (Maybe we're naive.)

Check out Rule #1 from Irit Krygier's "Rules for Artists."

great link (rule #1)

I agree that rule #1 ultimately the key to sticking in some social sense. But preceeding everything above all and forever after is the work.

I had this cranky professor in graduate school who Micheal Duncan on Scene and Herd recently noted was "a major artist gone missing." This guy once shoved me up against a wall when I was talking about the social side of the art world. And he said to me "the only thing you ever have to think about is that thing in front of you, look at it and ask yourself 'how can I make it better?'"

Now as I mentioned, this artist has "gone missing" so this guy didn't pay any attention to the social side. But at the base I think he's right. It's in the work.

Interesting link TD. Keep it up and . . . see you Saturday!
Thanks, barnaby and lane. The "Rules for Artists" piece has helped us maintain our priorities. "The Social" and "The Work" require some real juggling. Anyway, having bad work is like having bad breath - nobody wants to talk to you.

Looking forward to it, lane!
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